A huge thank you to those who followed the journey on Facebook or this blog. I have no doubt those donations will make a major contribution to addressing two of society’s biggest challenges.

Thanks to Pacific Atlantic Cycling Tours (PACTOUR), the creation of pioneering and record-breaking ultra-cyclists Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo. They are simply phenomenal at putting together tours, particularly the most challenging of coast-to-coast rides, and making the impossible achievable through their tours. They should know; they have just celebrated their 100th such tour, among countless shorter ones. I am privileged to have ridden in two of those “transcons”: the Northern in 2016 and the Southern in 2021.

And most important of all, deep appreciation to Kim Witman for communicating what I was doing. She helped me conceive and execute the Facebook page A Climate Ride to Remember. She designed this website, helped post, and edit the content, and did a marvelous job of presenting the material, especially the Climate Breadcrumbs.