Getting ready for the coast-to coast ride! The bike has been shipped to San Diego.


People have asked about the route. This map shows the cities and towns that we will stay in. Google Maps filled in routes; we will probably ride something different.

Training Rides

How does one get an older body ready for a 2,908-mile 27-day bike ride? That’s about 108 miles per day, on average. No rest days! Basically by riding a lot! With humility and realism. My motto has become: “Not fast; just persistent.”

Our tour leader recommends the “goal of 300.” Ride 300 miles per week (about double my average for the past several years) for 8 weeks ahead of the tour, with increasing distances and several back-to-back centuries. In the HEAT, please! A friend and I rode the entire Skyline Drive (a mountainous 110 mile ride along the ridge of the Appalachians) one day. Then back on a slightly flatter route the next. In the past 8 weeks, I have ridden ten 100 mile-plus rides, several way longer.

Diet? Eat a lot! Sensible stuff, of course! And drink, drink, drink! Perhaps the most important, to ensure electrolyte replacement.

Here are a couple of other “training” rides in a different format. Lots of stats. But some of the rides are just beautiful.

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