Climate Breadcrumb: Blythe CA

Did you know it takes more than 800 gallons of water to grow the food you consume in ONE DAY?

We just rode through Imperial County (El Centro to Blythe). It is very hot desert and looks barren. It rarely rains. Yet agriculture is a huge part of the local economy, and it supplies all manner of salad and vegetables to the US. I saw it riding through Imperial County; you can see it represented in this 3-D representation of that ride.

It does it solely by using the Colorado River, through widespread irrigation systems in specific areas of the county. Very many other regions use the Colorado. More on that tomorrow. If the Colorado supplies less in the future because of climate change, then the region will just revert to desert.

Agriculture is threatened by a vicious cycle of toxicity with climate change. As temperatures rise, bugs become more prolific, the number of generations per year increases…and farmers apply more pesticide, which ends up in run off, and adds to the noxious mix in the Salton Sea.

USA Today: About 40 million people get water from the Colorado River. Studies show it’s drying up.

Want to support my efforts in raising much needed money to address climate change?

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