Climate Breadcrumb: Wickenburg AZ

On our way out of Blythe California en route to Wickenburg, Arizona, on Saturday, we crossed the Colorado River. Strong enough to carve the Grand Canyon, but no longer strong enough to reach the ocean.

Its waters are diverted by thirsty agriculture (70 percent is a number I’ve seen), industry and households as it runs through seven western US States. Then what little is left enters north-western Mexico, and rarely if ever reaches the Gulf of California in Mexico.

Another marker of climate change: river flow is already down 20 percent from last century; and some models predict a loss of a further 50 percent. You can bet that if the river dried up in California, something would have been done years ago. This is not “The Wall.” But Mexico is paying!…/climate-change…/4842148002/

#ccan #rockspringucc #climateride #solarvillageproject

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