Climate Breadcrumb: Maricopa County

Wickenburg is a small town (pop 7,500) on the very northern edge of Maricopa County, Arizona, the fourth largest county in the US, containing Phoenix. Maricopa County is therefore significant, e.g. for the wrong reasons, when it holds scurrilous “audits” of lost elections. Or for good reasons, like when it prepares a climate action plan.

I don’t know how much it has been implemented, but the Climate and Health Strategic Action Plan 2016-21 is notable for several, mixed reasons.

One: that it exists at all given the political divides in Arizona.

Two: that it dances around the question of whether climate change is human-made.

Three: it links climate change with a fundamental concern of the people in the region. HEAT!! And its effects on public health. And, boy, have we felt the heat—one excessive heat advisory after another. That third point is crucial for attacking climate change: solutions have to respond to self-interest to have a chance of success……/Climate-and-Health-Strategic…

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