Day 11 – Roswell to Clovis

110 miles. The first picture tells the story of the day. On the shoulder of US-70. Almost flat; almost straight; almost (apparently) unused land.

Just visible, with magnification, a large wind farm. Very appropriate.

Then coming into Portales, near Clovis, a reminder that there is, or was, grain produced in the region.

Reviewing my ride animation helps me realize that more is going on than meets the eye from the road. Takes some finding though!

Catch Up on Climate Breadcrumbs

Over the past several days we have passed through a lot of semi-arid desert, but also some lovely, mainly mountainous, countryside. Mountains make for tired cyclists, so my plan to do daily Climate Breadcrumb posts has slipped away. Here are a few of the headlines of topics that were on the agenda.

The common theme is the preciousness and scarcity of water, and the effects of drought and over-use (especially agriculture) amplified by climate change.

Catch up on the series here:

#ccan #rockspringucc #climateride #curealz #solarvillageproject #pactour

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