Day 27: Metter to Tybee Island

We did it! The last day’s ride of about 85 miles took us from Metter GA to Tybee Island near Savannah, GA. And inevitably down to the beach there to celebrate.

We also shared experiences and the new memories that we have created. It feels so good to have completed the challenge, but also a bit sad to be suddenly at the end of a journey that has been totally absorbing to the exclusion of much else. And also poignant in that the “remember” part of the title recalls Valerie’s life.

Many, many thanks to all who have shared, supported, followed along, and also donated most generously.

And here is the final animation of today’s ride:

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Day 26 – Cordele to Metter

Through rural Georgia…cotton, and other crops. Lots of trees.

Just one more day till we arrive at the Atlantic, Tybee Island, near Savannah, Georgia. It all seems quite a blur right now; 27 days, ride, eat, sleep; repeat… early!

One thing I am clear about is the support I have had along the way. In particular, a huge thank you to folks who have donated to the causes I am supporting. It is not too late to donate. There is an incentive in place to encourage you:

For each additional $5,000 that comes in for each organization I’m supporting, I will add another $1,000!

My ride ends tonight, so now is the time!

Right now, we are about 80% of the way to the $5,000 goal for Cure Alzheimer’s; and about 70% of the way to the $10,000 goal for the two organizations I’m supporting through Climate Ride.

Here’s the animation of today’s ride (some recent ones got a bit mixed up, and yesterday’s is lost forever!)

Days 24 & 25 – Greenville to Eufala to Cordele

Just two days to the end of the ride! I feel as though I should be in reflective mood, but honestly it continues to be all about focus on each day’s ride.

Yesterday saw us ride through eastern Alabama, from Greenville to Eufaula (110 miles). Today mostly in Georgia: Lake Eufaula to Lake Blackshear and on to Cordele, GA (116 miles).

Rural Georgia has probably been the prettiest part of the eastern states so far, but it is rolling terrain…one minute down, five minutes up, repeat and repeat and… Tiring!

More at today’s Climate Breadcrumb for Georgia

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Days 22 & 23 – Kosciusko to Livingston to Greenville

Making our way from Kosciusko MS to Livingston AL and now to Greenville AL, 245 miles in two days; rolling alone! Our first rain in over three weeks…torrential for an hour.

I discovered that there is the Alabama River–in one of these photos, the PACTOUR group (bikes and support vehicles) has stopped for lunch on the river bank.

Our routes take us clear of large cities, creating the impression that America is rural. So much land; so few people.

Days 20 & 21 – Monticello to Indianola to Kosciusko

Riding from Monticello, Arkansas to Indianola Mississippi and thence to Kosciusko (Oprah Winfrey’s birthplace). Crossed Ol’ Man River by the fairly new Greenville Bridge. About 150 miles of flat, flat flood plains, then a small hill, and normal terrain was restored.

The end is in sight! Just six days to go. Good time to recall the causes I am riding for.

Cure Alzheimer’s: in memory of my wife, Valerie. This organization focuses on budding research projects on dementia; every dollar given goes to research.

Climate Ride, because climate change has such global impact, is the channel for two organizations: Chesapeake Climate Action Network, a regional advocacy organization covering the geographical area around Washington DC, which puts into action the dictum “Think global, Act local”. And Solar Village Project, bringing cheap solar lighting to people in the least developed countries, often the most affected by climate change and poverty.

Today’s Climate Breadcrumb: The Mississippi River

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Day 19 – Arkadelphia to Monticello

I don’t know what I expected from Arkansas, but the pine forests were a surprise–hundreds of miles of them–and lakes (see yesterday). I guess it lives up to one of its nicknames “The Natural State.” Very pretty.

Click through to today’s Climate Breadcrumb:

Climate Breadcrumb: Arkansas

If I’d been able to keep up a daily trail of breadcrumbs while riding, they would probably have had a common theme: water. It it is notable that the issues that face Arkansas, despite its apparent greenness, are similar to those that affect the desert and semi-arid areas of the Western states: cycles of drought…

Keep reading

And enjoy the animation of today’s ride!

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Days 17 & 18 – McAlester to Arkadelphia

Now we are exactly two-thirds of the way through the ride.

Friday we rode from the bustling town of McAlester to the serenity of the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge just across the border into Arkansas. Getting there was a major challenge, with some steep climbing along the Talimena Parkway (like Virginia’s Skyline Drive, only steeper!).

What goes up, must come down, so today we descended through some beautiful pine forests to Arkadelphia.

If you missed yesterday’s post about Cure Alzheimer’s – one of the causes for which I’m riding – you can read it here.

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Days 15 & 16 – Weatherford to Purcell to McAlester

All OK for 2 days (that would be all Oklahoma), passing to the South of Oklahoma City: Weatherford to Purcell, and then today to McAlester.

Wind turbines everywhere; front yard oil production, and rain-fed agriculture and animal husbandry. Difficult to imagine that this was the scene of the devastating Dust Bowl, nearly a century ago.

For more on this area, see my Oklahoma Climate Breadcrumb.

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Here are the links for the the rides in the past few days:

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Day 14 – Shamrock to Weatherford

Reached half-way at lunch today! But today was tough, with 20-30 mph headwinds adding 2-3 hours to expected ride time.

In 14 days we have covered just over 1,500 miles of the 2,908 route and about 67,000 feet of climbing (2 1/2 Everests!).

It was also an interesting day, as we followed the track of old Route 66, one of the first US highways connecting Chicago with Los Angeles.

It’s a bit of an open air museum of Americana, with of course more than one museum along the way. And it evokes memories of the Dust Bowl, and the migration of many from the mid-West to LA to escape that environmental disaster (Climate Breadcrumb in the works!)

And finally, a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the causes that I am supporting. More tomorrow hopefully on that!

Here’s the animation of today’s ride.

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Day 13 – Amarillo to Shamrock

Our only full day in Texas, the Panhandle in the north-west of the state. A 94-mile ride from Amarillo to Shamrock.

Cross-winds slowed progress. Along the way, reminders of historic old route 66, an early long distance route across the West from Chicago to Los Angeles and immortalized in Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath.”

See up-to-date series of Climate Breadcrumbs at

Here is the animation of today’s ride.

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