Halfway! Time to Donate


I kick-started the donations by contributing $1,000 to each of the three organizations – Cure Alzheimer’s, Solar Village Project, and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network – that I am supporting. 

For each additional $5,000 that comes in for each organization, I will add another $1,000!

Donate to Cure Alzheimer’s in support of my late wife Valerie.

Solar Village Project and Chesapeake Climate Action Network are supported through Climate Ride.


We’ve been riding for 14 days and as of lunchtime yesterday, we had covered just over 1,500 miles of the 2,908 route and about 67,000 feet of climbing (the equivalent of two-and-a-half Mt. Everests!). As of September 22, I’ve covered 55% of the route, and we raised about 61% of my goal.

If you haven’t had a chance to support Climate Ride or Cure Alzheimer’s, consider cheering me on by keying your donation to my overall mileage.

20 cents/mile$581.60
10 cents/mile$290.80
5 cents/mile$145.40
2 cents/mile$58.16
1 cent/mile$29.08

And don’t forget to “ride” along with me by catching up on the blog and viewing the video animation of each day.

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