Day 14 – Shamrock to Weatherford

Reached half-way at lunch today! But today was tough, with 20-30 mph headwinds adding 2-3 hours to expected ride time.

In 14 days we have covered just over 1,500 miles of the 2,908 route and about 67,000 feet of climbing (2 1/2 Everests!).

It was also an interesting day, as we followed the track of old Route 66, one of the first US highways connecting Chicago with Los Angeles.

It’s a bit of an open air museum of Americana, with of course more than one museum along the way. And it evokes memories of the Dust Bowl, and the migration of many from the mid-West to LA to escape that environmental disaster (Climate Breadcrumb in the works!)

And finally, a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the causes that I am supporting. More tomorrow hopefully on that!

Here’s the animation of today’s ride.

#ccan #rockspringucc #climateride #curealz #solarvillageproject #pactour

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