Days 20 & 21 – Monticello to Indianola to Kosciusko

Riding from Monticello, Arkansas to Indianola Mississippi and thence to Kosciusko (Oprah Winfrey’s birthplace). Crossed Ol’ Man River by the fairly new Greenville Bridge. About 150 miles of flat, flat flood plains, then a small hill, and normal terrain was restored.

The end is in sight! Just six days to go. Good time to recall the causes I am riding for.

Cure Alzheimer’s: in memory of my wife, Valerie. This organization focuses on budding research projects on dementia; every dollar given goes to research.

Climate Ride, because climate change has such global impact, is the channel for two organizations: Chesapeake Climate Action Network, a regional advocacy organization covering the geographical area around Washington DC, which puts into action the dictum “Think global, Act local”. And Solar Village Project, bringing cheap solar lighting to people in the least developed countries, often the most affected by climate change and poverty.

Today’s Climate Breadcrumb: The Mississippi River

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