Day 26 – Cordele to Metter

Through rural Georgia…cotton, and other crops. Lots of trees.

Just one more day till we arrive at the Atlantic, Tybee Island, near Savannah, Georgia. It all seems quite a blur right now; 27 days, ride, eat, sleep; repeat… early!

One thing I am clear about is the support I have had along the way. In particular, a huge thank you to folks who have donated to the causes I am supporting. It is not too late to donate. There is an incentive in place to encourage you:

For each additional $5,000 that comes in for each organization I’m supporting, I will add another $1,000!

My ride ends tonight, so now is the time!

Right now, we are about 80% of the way to the $5,000 goal for Cure Alzheimer’s; and about 70% of the way to the $10,000 goal for the two organizations I’m supporting through Climate Ride.

Here’s the animation of today’s ride (some recent ones got a bit mixed up, and yesterday’s is lost forever!)

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