Day 12 – Clovis to Amarillo

Crossing the (for Texas modest) State Line from New Mexico to Texas.

On our way to Amarillo, where things are often far from modest in scale!

The terrain is similar to previous few days, but now there is a bit more evidence of economic activity.

The journey today was a cyclist’s dream–a strong tail-wind to power us to strong performance (5 hours for 100 miles). One more day like that, then a sudden shift looms. Nearing the half-way point!

The climate breadcrumb trail is back! See some of the recent breadcrumbs at and the very latest entry at A Climate Ride to Remember

See the animation of today’s ride (spoiler alert: flat and straight!)

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Day 11 – Roswell to Clovis

110 miles. The first picture tells the story of the day. On the shoulder of US-70. Almost flat; almost straight; almost (apparently) unused land.

Just visible, with magnification, a large wind farm. Very appropriate.

Then coming into Portales, near Clovis, a reminder that there is, or was, grain produced in the region.

Reviewing my ride animation helps me realize that more is going on than meets the eye from the road. Takes some finding though!

Catch Up on Climate Breadcrumbs

Over the past several days we have passed through a lot of semi-arid desert, but also some lovely, mainly mountainous, countryside. Mountains make for tired cyclists, so my plan to do daily Climate Breadcrumb posts has slipped away. Here are a few of the headlines of topics that were on the agenda.

The common theme is the preciousness and scarcity of water, and the effects of drought and over-use (especially agriculture) amplified by climate change.

Catch up on the series here:

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Day 10 – Ruidoso to Roswell

This may turn out to be the best day of the tour. Another day in the New Mexico countryside from Ruidoso in the mountains to Roswell in the high plains.

Yes, it’s that Roswell–just enough time to visit the Alien Museum!

Overall a descent of over 4,000 feet, with a favorable wind, and a relatively short 98 miles.

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Day 9 – Socorro to Ruidoso

Day 9 of “A Climate Ride to Remember,” riding within New Mexico from Socorro to Ruidoso which sits at an elevation of about 7,000 feet.

Today’s journey was about 105 miles with a fair bit of climbing toward the end.

During the day, a sombre moment, as we took a rest stop at the “Trinity” site – the first nuclear test site.

Scenic views near Ruidoso talk of a 2912 fire. And an earlier fire, produced the real Smokey the Bear.

My “climate breadcrumb” trail will re-appear when I have a slightly easier day and stop having punctures that need to be fixed!

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Day 7 – Winslow to Springerville

Just past the one-fourth mark, with about 725 miles covered through the vast expanses of Southern California and Arizona.

The going has got tougher in the past couple of days through the mountains; being 5 years older than the last time I did a similar trip doesn’t help either!

Many thanks indeed to those who have donated to Cure Alzheimer’s and Climate Ride. I would love to respond directly to each and everyone. If you haven’t already donated, consider supporting these important causes!

My “climate breadcrumb” trail will re-appear when I have a slightly easier day. Meanwhile, you can catch up with the trail so far:

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Day 6 – Cottonwood to Winslow

In the Arizona mountains, specifically Coconino National Forest, riding 118 miles from Cottonwood to Winslow.

Up high, we see the first bit of abundant natural greenery, and even standing water, in near 500 miles.

45 miles climbing (infinite), 45 miles descending, with tail-wind 2 hours!

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Day 5 – Wickenburg to Cottonwood

Into the Arizona mountains, 103 miles, from Wickenburg to Cottonwood Arizona, including Mingus Mountain, topping out at about 7,000 feet.

A long slow slog to the top. Fun descent. Not much chance for photographs. Just this one, from about half-way down.

See more in today’s “climate breadcrumb” at

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